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Academic English — Science Editors
Academic English helps Scientists by editing and correcting their English-language science manuscripts.
Our professional English-language editors will edit and correct the English in your science manuscript to help you get published in a top English-language science journal.

Our Science Manuscript Editing Service

Academic English is an English editing and proofreading service that can help scientists with the editing of their English-language scientific research manuscripts.

Our English manuscript editors have helped scientists from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea and China.

We will edit and proofread the English in your science research manuscript to make it suitable for publication in peer-reviewed English-language science journals. Your manuscript will be edited and returned to you in 48 hours.

Our professional Science English editors have extensive experience editing all aspects and types of scientific documents, including:

We welcome scientific manuscript submissions from scientists in all fields of scientific research, including:

Please upload your manuscript to the Academic English editing team by clicking the CONTINUE button below. Our editors will edit and return your manuscript within 48 hours.

Upload Your Manuscript

Let Academic English help you grow as a scientist in the International Scientific Community.

Upload a manuscript so we may help you and your science research laboratory advance into the 21st Century.
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